Tony's Coffee

Growth in a saturated market


Tony’s Coffees and Teas was a small regional coffee roaster that had a strong local following. They wanted to grow in a market that was already saturated with well known coffee and tea brands.


  • Coffee and tea customers place high value with companies that are eco-friendly and incorporate fair-trade, shade grown coffee policies.
  • Although Tony’s customers were largely unaware of it, the company had a strong eco and fair-trade commitment — they had a great story, it just wasn’t being told.


Our strategy to help Tony’s increase market share centered on developing a new brand position that brought to the surface and aligned the social and environmental values that were important to both the company and their customers.

  • Sales increase in the first six months
  • Tony’s continues to gain market share and solidify the long-term customer loyalty that has been the flagship of their brand from the beginning
Campaign Components: 
Strategy Platform
Packaging for ten products

"We’ve been getting very positive feedback...I wanted to thank you for your efforts and compliment you on the results."

Todd Elliott, President
Tony’s Coffees & Teas